Old Frontier Clothing Co. Frock Coat

The Double Breasted Vest

Probably our most interesting style. It was prototyped from an original, 100 year old vest that we acquired at an auction. The problem with that antique vest, however, was that the sizing was so small, the challenge was to keep the same proportions but to make it fit a modern body. We are pleased with the results, which we kept true to the original, hence the wider Victorian lapel.
The inverted triangular silhouette has the effect of emphasizing the chest while tapering the waist, which is always a more flattering look.
Lastly we made all the buttons functional, a tailored touch, all but eliminated in modern garments.

Available in Black, Grey and Tan.
These are limited production items; please call
for availability

100% Worsted Wool
S, M, L and XL

Price: $105
(add $15 for Custom Fabric Make Up Program)

Custom Fabric Make Up Program:
In addition to the basic colors, Black and Grey, we offer the Frock Coat
in our Custom Fabric Make Up Program, meaning that you can order this
style in the limited fabric swatches shown.
Delivery time runs approximately 60-90 days. Fabric availability is subject to change. We will notify you regarding any changes in delivery or fabric availablity.

Double Breasted Vest Colors:
Double Breasted Vest

Double Breasted Vest

The Double Breasted Vest
100% Worsted Wool





Custom Fabric
Make-Up Program

The Double Breasted Vest
100% Worsted Wool

$120 ($105 + $15)
*Add $15 for Custom Fabric
Make-Up Program

Choose Size:

Choose Color:

All prices subject to change.

Custom Fabrics Swatches:

Fabric 293

Fabric 596

Fabric 693

Fabric 694

Fabric 696

Fabric 803